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Video in Mud

Video in Snow

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DV4CAR.COM is there for all residents of northern territories. It is here to give the solution when wheels spin on ice and snow.

When outside the car there is snow and wind blowing, the driver must get out and  put DV4CAR.COM on the vehicle quickly.

The driver can install DV4CAR.COM in a maximum time of 4 minutes.

Four (4) minutes is not a time from a promotional video but is the real time that the driver will need to install the system and move the vehicle.

And we, as the technical team, are proud of this time.

We did not stay there, but we worked to improve the chain.

The new chain that we now install in DV4CAR.COM has protection from the chain for the tyres but also rubber for improved traction on ice.

The commercial market for DV4CAR.COM, with such capability on ice, is enormous, namely millions of vehicles.

Local dealers of DV4CAR.COM in these countries will have a powerful product in their store fronts.

A product that they would not like their competitors to be the first to offer.

DV4CAR.COM is here to offer something new in the marketplace and to truly help drivers move unimpeded in weather conditions such as ice and snow.

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