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  • Sand
  • Mud
  • Snow


Baner big desert


video new 01

Video in Mud

Video in Snow

sand 1

Another first for DV4CAR.COM, this time in the incredibly difficult terrain of sand.

After mud, now DV4CAR.COM comes to offer the solution to drivers who have seen their vehicle stuck and sinking ever deeper in sand, unable to do anything.

The solution now is DV4CAR.COM which can be installed easily and quickly within 4 minutes.

Time, as on ice, is a very important factor here, because the conditions are usually hot sun and unbearable heat.

The driver must quickly get out of the predicament and the only product that can help them is DV4CAR.COM.

The commercial market for the sand capability of DV4CAR.COM is equally as large, namely hundreds of millions of vehicles to be added to the huge markets for its ice and mud capabilities, because it is a single product and not three.

We are giving three unique “weapons” in a single incredible product to DV4CAR.COM dealers.







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