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  • Sand
  • Mud
  • Snow


Baner big desert


video new 01

Video in Mud

Video in Snow

DV4CAR.COM carried out its world premiere presentation in the greatest expedition of car accessories in the world, the AUTOMECHANIKA FRANKFURT.

DV4CAR.COM opened two new markets of products, the first market applies to vehicles stuck in the mud and the second one applies to vehicles stuck in the sand.

It is the only product that when you stuck, it can get you out of  the sand, mud, ice or snow, namely it is one product for all cases.

The response of the visitors at the exhibition pavilion was enthusiastic and 257 companies from over 60 countries were informed thoroughly and supplied with promotional material.

Nevertheless, the surprises for the purchase of car accessories do not stop here. The research department will present two new products, DV4CAR.COM 4X4 BIG and DV4CAR.COM TRUCK in the next month.


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