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  • Snow


Baner big desert


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Video in Mud

Video in Snow

How does it work?







VIDEO 2-28 seconds:

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When a vehicle gets stuck, the wheels spin but the vehicle does not move.

This is due to the lack of traction between the tyre and the surface of the ground.


By installing DV4CAR.COM, the driver changes the surface of the tyre which comes into contact with the ground.

Thus, the traction between the wheel and the ground increases, making it possible for the vehicle to move.


Install DV4CAR.COM vertically on the wheel.

First, insert the strap through the rim.

When trying to move a vehicle on mud and sand, place the rubber tread on the surface of the wheel touching the ground.

When trying to move a vehicle on ice or snow, remove the rubber tread so that only the chain is on the part of the wheel touching the ground.

Afterwards, put the strap trough the clasp and tighten DV4CAR.COM on the wheel.


Easy and fast installation in five steps.

Step 1

step one

In photo 1 we see DV4CAR.COM with the hook passed in the belt's special groove.

The hook helps to pass DV4CAR.COM vertically inside the wheel of the vehicle.


Step 2 

step two

In photo 2 we see how we pass the hook and consequently the DV4CAR.COM internally

and vertically between the spokes of the wheel.


Step 3 

step three

In photo 3 we see how we remove the hook from the belt of DV4CAR.COM and bring the

belt to the buckle in order to pass it through its special indentation.


Step 4 

step four

In photo 4 we see that we keep the metal frame of DV4CAR.COM tangential to the outer

edge of the rubber wheel with one hand and the other pull the belt to be stretched.


 Step 5 

step five

 In photo 5 we see DV4CAR.COM installed on the wheel.



girl belt











  • DV4CAR.COM 4X4 is one-size for all 4X4 vehicles.
  • DV4CAR.COM is one-size for all cars, except 4X4s.
  • DV4CAR.COM BIG is one-size for all big vehicles.
  • DV4CAR.COM 4X4 can be installed on 2 or 4 wheels.

Its installation does not require experience, strength or any special knowledge.


After using, rinse off with water and you can use DV4CAR.COM again immediately.

Its small size is ideal for storing.

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